Do I have to pay import duties and VAT?

Import products can be subject to various types of taxes such as the VAT or import duties. The taxes are not included in the price of the product during checkout. These taxes are paid to your local government. Usually, you will be requested to pay them when the product arrives to your country, and your shipping carrier will contact you using the contact information you wrote when making your order.

The price of VAT and import duties will depend on the type of product you purchase, its value, and on your country's import policies. You must inform yourself depending on your location to know how much you will be charged.

This only applies to imports, if your product is shipped from your country you will not have to pay any taxes. To know if your product is shipped from outside your country, you can check the shipping carrier that is used to ship your item. If it is as using USPS or UPS for example, then you will not have to pay additional taxes.

If you refuse to pay the taxes, two things can happen:

1. If the shipping fees are lower than the price of the product, the item will be shipped back to the sender. When the product is received, you will be refunded, but the shipping fees will be deducted. The original shipping fees you paid will not be refunded, and the same amount will be deducted from the price of the item in your refund.

Example :

Mouse Price 100$
Shipping 20$

Total Checkout Price 120$

Refund = 80$

2. If the shipping fees are higher than the price of the product, the item will be destroyed, and you will not be refunded.

Example :

Accessory Price: 5$
Shipping 10$
Total Checkout Price 15$

Refund = 0$ (Product will be destroyed)