What are the advantages of using the 4K dongle?

When you're using a monitor with a 360Hz refresh rate (meaning it can display 360 frames per second), and your mouse has a polling rate of 1,000 Hz (meaning it reports its position to your computer 1,000 times per second), there's a potential mismatch between the monitor and the mouse.


Because the monitor and mouse don't perfectly sync, there can be moments when the monitor is in the middle of displaying one frame, but your mouse has already moved to a slightly different position. This can make your cursor movement feel less precise or smooth.




4K dongle diagram





By using a mouse with a higher polling rate, like 4,000 Hz, it reports its position to your computer even more frequently. This reduces the gap between the monitor's frames and the mouse's updates, resulting in smoother and more accurate cursor movement. So, even if your monitor is not 4,000Hz, a higher polling rate mouse can still provide advantages in terms of responsiveness and accuracy.