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We are peripheral enthusiasts who are passionate about crafting premium products. Our team consists of hardcore FPS gamers and designers, experienced supply chain managers and structure engineers, and extreme DIY geeks.

Gaming mice have many personally subjective features, including click feeling, grip feeling, sound, touch, shape, and style. No product satisfies everyone. As a result, there are many niche brands along with mainstream brands such as Zowie, Logitech, Razer, and SteelSeries.

With our many years of experience in design, production, and testing, we realized that we have unique ideas to offer in the current market. So we decided to invest our time and energy in creating our dream mouse: the Atlantis Wireless Superlight.

Some might think that we are crazy for entering a field that is saturated with competitive products. But by offering new designs and using quality materials, we know we can create products that will satisfy our experienced team members, avid gamers, and FPS enthusiasts alike.

With our dedication to innovation and the support from the community, we will continue to strive forward, craft unique products, and bring fresh air