Details for this new driver

1. Click latency has been optimized for improved performance.
2. The firmware update for both the dongle and mouse are included in the software. Click on the settings icon located at the top right corner or press space bar on your keyboard to access the firmware menu.
Step one: Make sure the dongle is plugged into the pc and click "Check Update" for Receiver Firmware ver. After the install has fully completed proceed to the next step.
Step two: Unplug the dongle and plug the cable directly into the mouse. Go back into the firmware menu and proceed to select "Check Update" for Mouse Firmware ver. Wait for the install to fully complete before you disconnect the mouse from the usb C cable.
Step three: You must click "Restore" button on the main menu, otherwise, updates won't be effective.
3. We have added a "long distance mode" available through the settings icon in the lower left corner. This mode will add increased signal strength to enhance anti-interference. While using this mode battery life will be decreased.